These tactical flashlights are the ultimate survival stocking stuffers

This week only, get two UltraBright 500-lumen flashlights for just $15.

From roadside breakdowns to getting lost in the hills, there are many times when a good flashlight can save the day. The UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlights are more durable than most, and incredibly powerful. For this week only, you can grab a two-pack with a hard carry case for just $14.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

Made from durable aircraft aluminum, these tactical flashlights are made for the outdoors. Thanks to a wide working voltage, they can provide hours of illumination on a single AA battery. Furthermore, you get impressive power—these flashlights have a range of one mile. You can choose between two different brightness settings, while the adjustable zoom lets you pinpoint distant objects or spread light around your tent.

This makes the UltraBright flashlights ideal for mountain biking after dark or spelunking your way through the underworld. Likewise, they are useful just to keep in your car for emergencies. With the two-pack, you even get a hard storage case.

The two-pack was previously $32.99, down from the $100 original price—but you can order now for just $14.99 to take advantage of this one-week deal.