Conquer the app store with this Swift 3 learning bundle for $35

Get 64 hours of training and learn to build apps for iOS, macOS and Apple Watch.

With the recent announcement of iOS 11, now’s the best time to start learning how to build stunning Apple apps—and The Complete Swift 3 Hacking Bundle helps you master the programming language that powers iOS, macOS and Apple Watch. You can currently get all five courses and 64 hours of instruction for just $35 at the Popular Science Shop.

Some of the best jobs in technology are based around Swift. The language was developed specifically for Apple platforms, and version 3 brings some nice upgrades to the table. This bundle teaches Swift from scratch, so you need no previous coding experience. The video tutorials walk you through the syntax and explain how to make the most of each platform.

For instance, the macOS course looks at utilizing the new touch bar controls on Macbooks. You also learn how to design animations and build games for every platform. Each course has several project apps to work on, providing real-world experience and setting up an awesome portfolio. Meanwhile, the Swift Coding Challenges course prepares you for any developer interview.

Normally worth $700, these courses are now just $35—grab the bundle to start learning.