Moon on the loose!
One giant leap for moonkind. Shanghaiist

You’re heading to work on a rainy day in Fuzhou, listening to the radio forecaster talk about Super Typhoon Meranti’s impending landfall. It’s another mindless commute — until something large and gray appears in your rear view mirror. Is that… oh sh*t, is that the moon?

With sustained wind speeds of 185 miles per hour, the typhoon is the most powerful on Earth this year. In Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province, China, it’s been a blustery annoyance for those trying to get their Mid-Autumn Festival on. Since the full moon will be blocked by stormy skies, cities across China set up inflatable super moons.

Watch as Meranti’s winds cut this city’s moon free to follow its dreams as a minion of destruction:

Onlookers in the video squeal, “It’s going, it’s going, it’s going! Wow this moon!” along with general expressions of fear and awe at the lunar monster. Two people on bikes are nearly swallowed by its awesome, floppy momentum. The video cuts away before we can witness their fate.

[h/t Shanghaiist]