This awesome DIY robot kit is the perfect project to start off the new year

The SunFounder Nano is fun and educational for all ages.

Once the festive period is over, it’s easy to fall into the winter blues. What better way to upgrade your weekends than by building a robot? The SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit includes everything you need for assembling your own friendly droid. It’s a super fun way to learn about technology. You can grab the kit now for $49.99 at the PopSci Shop.

The latest kit from SunFounder blows Lego out of the water. The box contains simple instructions and an awesome list of components, including the powerful SunFounder Nano board. Put it all together, and you will have created Sloth—an adorable, two-legged droid with many talents.

The Sloth can be programmed to walk in any direction, and uses the supplied ultrasonic sensor to avoid obstacles. The robot can also dance and react to your gestures. The visual programming language helps you understand the concepts behind code, and you can even use an Arduino to power the Sloth. With multiple versions to build, these kits should keep you occupied well into 2018.

They’re normally $59.99 each, but you can get the SunFounder kit now for just $49.99.