The intro even gets an 8-bit graphics treatment.
The intro even gets an 8-bit graphics treatment.

As all things pop culture go, fan art and edits (good and bad) are inevitable. Luckily, someone created this 8-bit edit of ‘Stranger Things’ theme song.

The fan-made intro song gives its viewers a recipe for all the show’s influences, consisting of science fiction and horror writers and filmmakers. This homage is largely dedicated to the decade in which the show is set, one where chiptone was widely used and wildly popular.

The most ironic part about this 8-bit, ’80s version of the theme song is that chiptone music actually influenced the real show’s intro. The real show uses synthwave, mellow electronic music for the theme, which directly comes from technological and musical advances from the 8-bit technology.

Take a listen at this “1-pound ’80s” theme yourself.