The average life of a mattress is between seven and ten years—and it will last longer if you turn it 90 degrees every few months (yes, even the ones that say you don’t need to turn them). But to breathe a bit more life into yours, you might want to try a mattress topper.

Here are some of our favorite choices.

Zoned For Comfort

Designed with different sections to offer differing levels of warmth and support, this clever option isolates movement so you shouldn’t disturb your partner. Also available in Single and King sizes. Bedsure

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Originally developed in the 1960s by NASA, memory foam is a unique material that molds around your body, making it both supportive and comfortable. The earliest incarnations of it had a tendency to be quite warm to sleep on because, unlike wool or cotton, it retains heat rather than dissipating it. Modern versions are created with an open-celled structure or with a gel incorporated into it, both of which help to regulate body temperature better.

Open Cell Design for Cooler Sleep

This slimline bedding offers a smart composition that improves airflow and heat absorption to help stabilise the body temperature and a soft upper layer that prevents overheating. RECCI

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Unlike feather or polyester mattress toppers, you can’t just pop a memory foam mattress in the washing machine, so make sure that you buy one with a removable cover. That way you can unzip the cover and wash it, and spot treats any grubby areas on the topper with a damp sponge.


With a hypoallergenic cover, cooling gel capsules, a non-slip layer, and anchoring elastics, this promises a winning combination of luxury and orthopedic support. Panda

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Nobody wants a topper slip-sliding off the bed, so when you’re buying, either look for one with elastic straps that can be fixed around the mattress or for one with a non-slip base. This ensures it will stay in place on top of the mattress and under the bottom sheet, no matter how much tossing and turning is going on.