It wasn’t until 1996 that it became the law that you had to pick up after your pooch, but now that it’s law, if you don’t clean up after your dog, you’re liable for a fine. Ignorance is no excuse, nor is not having anything to hand, which is why ensuring that a stash of bags is always kept with your dog’s lead isn’t just the right thing to do for your fellow citizens—but something that could save you money. Here’s what to consider when looking for a new roll of poo bags.

Thick Design

Sturdy and with a light, floral fragrance, these plastic sacks are also available in an odourless format, and in a smaller eight-roll pack of 120. Earth Rated

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Let’s be honest, however much you love your dog, you probably don’t love their droppings, or how they smell, so opting for a scented bag can help mask the odour. You might have to shop around to find a fragrance that you like, but there are a wide variety available from lavender to lemon.

With Recyclable Paper Core

Made from a blend of corn starch and plastic, these robust, water-tight sacks are also available in two other colours—green and dark green. Greener Walker

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If you’re looking to be more environmentally-friendly with your poo bags, you’ll have to check the small print carefully. Vegetable starches can be used to make bags that break down easily, but often they’re combined with plastics to make them stronger, which means they’re not as green as they suggest. And lots of products may claim to be biodegradable or compostable, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’re not made of plastic, and some may only be compostable under industrial composting conditions.

The Full Kit

Supplied in rolls of 15, this set comes with a plastic container that perfectly accommodates one pack, and has a carabiner that allows it to be attached to a leash. Also available in smaller packs of 600 and 300. Amazon Basics

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Most rolls of bags are designed at a standard size so they will easily fit into a standard dispenser. Of course there’s nothing to stop you leaving a roll in the pocket of every dog-walking coat you own, but having a dispenser clipped to your pet’s lead means you’ll never walk out the door without a bag.