Consider this the Techathlon closing ceremonies. We’re unfurling the flags, firing up the coordinated drone performances, and cranking Journey songs throughout the Techathlon stadium because this is officially our last show.

The past year doing this show has brought about the full gamut of emotions. We’ve laughed. We’ve pretended we weren’t salty when we lost games. We’ve cooked sausages on a weird George Foreman grill in a room with no ventilation and flammable foam everywhere. It has been amazing.

But, even on the internet, nothing can last forever. Here at the PopSci laboratory, we have a heap of new projects simmering away on the Bunson burners that we’ll share with you soon. (Also, Jason secretly died 9 episodes ago and it has been really tedious using AI to reconstruct his voice in every single episode since then.)

So, be sure to check out the last show below where we play some of our favorite Techathlon games. Of course, there’s one last Decathlon to see if Rob can continue his winning ways and go out on a high note (and give us a reason to hate him forever). We also play CEO or Supervillain, in which Corinne digs up ridiculous tweets from brands and executives and juxtaposes them with movie characters. Finally, we let our phones say goodbye using their built-in autofill feature. It’s a fittingly nonsensical tribute to the show.

You can still keep up with all of our work at and we might keep the official twitter around, but it may get considerably more belligerent. To help fill the Techathlon-sized void left in your life, check out The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week podcast. In it, our Pop Sci pals share the wildest, grossest, and most interesting scientific information they can find. And, you might hear a Techathlon alum pop up every now and then. Here’s their latest show.

So, from all of us here at Techathlon HQ: Hold your hamburgers (and thanks for listening).