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The Weber Original ­Premium 22-inch charcoal grill hasn’t changed much since 1952, save for a few modern improvements. The biggest: An aluminum basin below the kettle captures ash, allowing you to dispose of it and keep the upper section tidy.

grilling gear
Kim Yuan gloves Jonathon Kambouris

Avoid burns

Even seasoned hands can’t handle the heat coming off hot briquettes. Kevlar-­stitched leather Kim Yuan gloves will protect your paws from temperatures in excess of 650 degrees. But at just 1.2 millimeters thick, the garments still let you retain dexterity.

grilling gear
Cave Tools tongs Jonathon Kambouris

Move meat

A long grabbing tool will prevent you from having to reach out over the flames. The stainless-steel 17-inch Cave Tools tongs, with their large grooves and tooth-filled ends, allow you to deftly manipulate nosh such as racks of ribs or slippery vegan sausages.

grilling gear
Thermo­Works Smoke’s probes Jonathon Kambouris

Track temperatures

Stick one of the Thermo­Works Smoke’s probes in the food, and attach the other to the grate to measure the air. Monitor your cooking with the wireless receiver, which works from up to 300 feet away. Alarms alert you when dinner is ready to serve.

grilling gear
Yukon Glory premium scraper Jonathon Kambouris


Brushes lose their bristles as they wear down, and those dangerous metal bits could end up in your grub. But the ­Yukon Glory premium scraper has no wires to shed; the simple oak paddle will conform to your grate with each push as you scour.

This story appears in the Spring 2020, Origins issue of Popular Science.