Last week, the Consumer Electronics Show gave us a look at what we can expect from the world of gadgets over the course of 2020. There were concept cars, flying taxis, augmented reality headsets, nightmare healthcare products, folding computers, and just about everything else with a microchip in it.

Covering the show is a non-stop task, but there is some downtime when you stand in line for things like product demos and the bathroom. Rather than scrolling through Twitter, I spent my time in line working on a game for this week’s Techathlon podcast. Listen in the player below or subscribe via: Anchor, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

During this week’s show, our contestants, including guest Techathloner Amy Schellenbaum, have to decide whether the products I’m describing really exist on the CES show floor or if I pulled them from the depths of my dehydrated brain.

With the sheer breadth of products on display, it’s harder than it sounds. For every major manufacturer showing off the usual stuff like AI-powered washing machines, there’s another startup looking to make their smart sliding glass door opener a reality.

I recorded my section of the podcast right from the CES pressroom, so if you listen closely while I’m talking, you can hear other journalists typing, drinking tepid coffee, and probably crying a little.

While you listen, fire up our gallery of images (below) from the show to see what you might have missed.

Of course, CES wasn’t the only thing happening in the world last week. Jason put together another great batch of 10 tech trivia questions for this week’s Techathlon Decathlon game. Can guest Amy take down veterans Rob and Corinne? You’ll have to listen to find out.

We’ll all be back to our cozy studio for next week’s show, so if you hear anyone crying in the background, that’s just Jason thinking about how much cursing he has to edit out of the show every time we talk about streaming video ads.