Store your digital life with unlimited cloud space from G Cloud

Use G Cloud to meet your digital storage space needs.

In the digital age, our phones and computers are extensions of ourselves. We use them to explore the world around us, interact with our loved ones, and store precious moments in our lives forever. Be that as it may, we’ve all encountered a wall when it comes to storing our online selves—there’s never enough space built into our devices to store all of our data. 

If this is a predicament you find yourself in, then it’s time to meet G Cloud. This all-in-one cloud backup from Zoolz is currently available for a one-year subscription at nearly half off its normal rate, and it’s the perfect solution to your digital storage space problems.

With G Cloud, you’ll never have to worry about losing a media file or running out of space on your phone ever again. Seamlessly migrate your call logs, contacts, messages and media to any Apple or Android device, and back up multiple devices with a single G Cloud account. Data is securely stored on an Amazon AWS Cloud account and protected by military-grade 256 AES encryption. Access your G Cloud account from your app or web browser, and import, open and share your files no matter where you are. 

With over 5 million downloads, it’s clear that G Cloud is a secure, convenient cloud storage solution that simplifies the lives of millions of users. With a four-star review from TechRadar and 4.4 stars from Google Play Store, G Cloud has earned a respected reputation in the cloud storage marketplace.

Considering its great reputation and phenomenal discounted price, this storage service is an attractive option for those looking to preserve those precious moments. Save photos, videos, and multimedia projects — as well as clips and resumes for future job searches — and keep it all accessible for years to come. 

Available now at a 44 percent discount, one year of G Cloud storage is just $39.99—a small price to pay for unlimited, hassle-free storage of your virtual life.

Prices subject to change.