Prepare Michelin restaurant level meals with this sous vide kit

Say goodbye to dry edges and rare centers.

If you think about it, cooking is a delicious science. When it comes to cooking meat or fish, it’s especially tricky to get it done right, especially since the window of proper doneness is small. Even the best chefs in the world can’t get it perfect via traditional prepping methods.

It’s precisely the reason why they turn to the sous vide method, which involves sealing your food in vacuum bags, putting it in some kind of water bath to cook the sealed ingredients, and then keeping the water at the precise temperature for as long as you want. This method allows you to cook the food to even doneness, eliminating dry edges and rare centers.

The good news is while the sous vide technique is typically done in restaurants, there are tools that allow you to execute it at home. The Yedi Infinity11® Sous Vide Kit enables you to achieve professional-level cooking results at home, thanks to its patented octcision technology.

The kit, currently on sale for $94.99, comes equipped with a cooker that heats and circulates water at an exact temperature. It has a built-in clamp that secures the sous vide onto any heat-safe pan, pot, or bucket, and you can use it with a 77°F to 203°F range and up to 99 hours and 59 minutes of cook time.

With its octcision technology, its eight sides and 160 perforated openings push heated water against the side and throughout the container, resulting in a more even and accurate water and heat flow distribution. Its 1000W power also allows for hyper-fast water heating, while the ultra-quiet design facilitates Michelin-level quality cooking without making any noise. Best of all, it can pretty much accommodate any ingredient, from beef and chicken to veggies and seafood, and a whole lot more.

Prep delicious and perfectly-cooked dishes with this sous vide kit. Get the Yedi Infinity11® Sous Vide Kit on sale today at the PopSci Shop for only $94.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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