Give your back and neck the support it needs with this ergonomic office chair

Adjustable height, armrests and more allow you to fit the chair to your body.

If we’ve learned anything after months of working from home, that dining room chair or living room couch is not the ideal setup. What you really need is an ergonomic office chair, one that is both comfortable and protects your back and neck during hours behind a keyboard.

The Yaasa chair will take care of you. It is designed to keep your body protected throughout the day while providing a comfortable resting spot as you get your work accomplished.

This chair works well for everybody because you can adjust it to your own desires. The height can be adjusted from 17 to 22 inches, and the seat depth is adjustable as well. So too are the armrests, which can be adjusted for height, width and position. And add to the list the neck support, which adjusts to make sure your neck and shoulders are fully supported.

The seat cushion itself is a comfortable 20 by 20 inches, and the steady base will hold up to 286 pounds. And the backrest is made of a soft mesh that feels good against your back. That makes this chair the perfect choice for just about anybody.

The chair does require some small assembly after purchase, but it’s nothing too complicated.

This chair is normally priced at $369, but for a limited time, it’s been reduced to $359.99. That’s a bargain for a chair, available in either black or white, that will bring some relief to your body and get you in the right mindset to get your work done.