These eight pieces of on-sale workout equipment can change your game

Snag savings on sweet exercise gear.

We’ve been spending as much time at home as ever this past year.

For folks who are not only active, but thrive on multiple trips to the gym per week, this can be frustrating and saddening. But you don’t let to need your strength, agility, flexibility, and most importantly, your confidence, suffer.

Take advantage of eight superb pieces of workout equipment for your home, all of which are on sale, starting with the SmithShaper PRO Ab Squat Rider with 25 Exercises (39 percent off for $59.99).

This is a professional, bodyweight rolling exerciser, that lets you target not just your abdominals, but your butt, legs, waist, quadriceps, hamstrings, obliques, upper and lower back, chest, arms, and shoulder muscles as well.

Use the Ab Squat Rider both indoors and outdoors, enjoying 25 possible exercises in a safer format than using heavy free weights.

Here are the other exercise products for sale:

JumpSport 250 Fitness Trampoline

Get in shape and have a blast with this personal trampoline that’s currently 30% off for $187.99

This is an opportunity for low-impact exercise that’s perfect for any fitness level or age, and you can make the workouts your own, whether you enjoy dance, barre, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or something else.

Plus, it’s low-impact on your joints, as the jumping surface and elastic cords make for a padded and stable bounce.

Muscle Training Gear Hip Trainer Kit

This muscle trainer uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and works by directly sending signals to your muscles to trigger movement. It’s on sale for 65 percent off at $30.95. Just fit the pads to your body and let them stimulate your muscles.

The trainer has six modes and nine strength levels, and is light, thin, and easy to wear, so you can stay toned and muscular on the go.

Natural Rubber Latex Resistance Bands 17-Piece Set

It’s no longer a secret that the natural resistance, and relative safety, of using quality resistance bands to train works for novices and professional athletes alike. This high-quality set is now 59 percent off for $35.99, and features 30 different resistance levels.

Just attach 1-5 bands to the included handles and trust in the premium quality rubber latex that will not overstretch.

SKI-ROW AIR: Dual-Function High-Intensity Interval Training Machine

Miss hitting the slopes or that alpine lake in your kayak? This is the closest thing you can get from the comfort of home. Oh, and you can stay in tip-top shape.

This innovative machine is 21 percent off (down to $1,499) and has flexibility, mobility, and a space-saving design. Plus, the simple foot lever switches modes between skiing and rowing in a matter of seconds.

Alpcour Bike Trainer Stand (Fluid)

Enjoy the thrill of cycling without having to avoid the random rainy or snowy Saturday. This training bike which has a fluid flywheel mechanism, and is $220 but you can get $20 off at checkout with the code BIKE20.

This bike is unique: a fluid stand gives you complete control of the bike, as friction progressively increases the faster you pedal.

ABXCORE: Ab Machine with Virtual Trainer

The ABXCORE is so effective and efficient you can strengthen and tone your abdominals in just seven minutes of work a day. Plus, it’s currently 23 percent off for $136.99.

It’s compact, lightweight and adaptable: exercise your abs sitting in your office desk chair, laying down on your yoga mat and more. Your purchase comes with access to the ABXCORE app, where you can learn how to correctly use the trainer and maximize your efforts.

Jawzrsize Facial Fitness: Total Transformation Kit

Having a healthy face and a chiseled jawline isn’t just about winning the genetic lottery. With this groundbreaking exercise product (71 percent off for $42.99), you can work out the muscles in your face and neck with three resistance levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

The product comes with a custom fit, and you’ll activate more than 57 facial muscles in your workout as you enhance your jawline.

Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.