This kit delivers an immersive experience for meditating at home

Enjoy a new approach to mindfulness: physical vibrations that sync with meditative tracks.

It’s hard to tune out distractions these days, especially when social media, text messages, emails, and more constantly bombard our devices with notifications. However, there are plenty of great ways to step back from life’s hectic-ness, including practicing some form of meditation. Meditation helps people reduce stress, increase self-awareness, reduce negative emotions, and plenty more.

And while that’s good to know, you may still find it difficult to practice meditation and make it a habit that can better your life. That’s why this new tech-based approach to meditation may be a great alternative for you.

The WAVE™ Kit: Wave Bolster + Headphones creates physical vibrations that sync with the beats of the music you’re playing for an immersive at-home meditation experience. You can pick up this deal on sale today in the PopSci Shop for $169.99, which is 14% off its original price tag of $199.

This kit makes it easy to tune out distractions and meditate at home—here’s how it works. The kit includes premium over-ear headphones that connect directly to the revolutionary bolster. That bolster creates physical vibrations throughout your body that sync up with the beats of the meditation track you have selected. Those original meditation tracks, designed with different frequencies and wavelengths, help you feel a wide range of emotions, from empowered and inspired to relaxed and peaceful. So, being guided to various stages of mind with this kit is as simple as selecting one of the original meditation tracks.

On top of that, this kit delivers on comfort and flexibility. The bolster has a unique size and shape to provide deep physical vibrations that pulse evenly throughout your body. Meaning, your entire body will relax when you use this unique approach to meditation. Even better, thanks to its memory foam interior and microsuede cover, you’ll always get to practice meditation in comfort. Last but not least, you can adjust its vibration levels to better match your mood and sensitivity.

In short, the WAVE™ Kit: Wave Bolster + Headphones delivers a new approach to the traditional practice of meditation that will keep you interested and wanting to meditate on a regular basis. You can pick up the kit on sale today for $169.99.

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