Save more than $1,000 on this home rowing machine this Fourth of July

Kick your summer workouts up a notch without leaving home.

When it comes to working out, it’s hard to beat the convenience that comes with sweating at home. That doesn’t mean you have to lose the sensation of being outside, though. We don’t all have access to the outdoors, but we can bring a bit of that into our living rooms through the coolest tech on the market.

The Vortex VX3 Fluid Assist® AR Water Rower is designed to give you an incredible rowing workout from the comfort of your own home, and you can get right now for a huge discount right now. Normally $3,195, you can save $1,395 on this hi-tech rowing machine when you enter the code VORTEX18 at checkout.

Indoor rowing is a low-impact exercise that delivers phenomenal upper and lower body conditioning, and you can burn some serious calories while doing it, too. People are having to become more creative in how they get their work out in without the same access to the gym they once had. That’s why the Vortex VX3 Fluid Assist® AR Water Rower is such a great purchase.

This exercise machine is decked out with wireless controls built into the handle. In fact, it’s even called a “smart” handle. If you want to challenge yourself a little more during your workout, you just need to press a button that’s built into the handle, too. The Vortex VX3 Fluid Assist® AR Water Rower also enhances your workouts with Fluid Assist, a patented technology inspired by what professional rowers experience rowing on the water. 

Make this rowing machine yours today and kick your summer workouts up a notch. Normally, $3,195, you can get it now for $1,800 when you use code VORTEX18 at checkout.

Prices subject to change.

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