Dry off in seconds with a blast of air from this full body dryer

Gravity-sensing technology will turn the air on and get you dry quickly.

The days of having to use towels after getting out of the pool or shower are in the past. The future of drying off has arrived with the Viatek Body Dryer, a device that blasts you with hot air to get rid of excess water on your body in a matter of seconds.

Think hand dryers in a public bathroom, only bigger and much more effective.

This dryer sends temperature-controlled air at you at 100 mph to quickly dry your body in seconds. No more wet towels to deal with, gathering up and wasting water washing.

This device is simply placed on the ground, such as the patio by your pool or the bathroom floor. Just step onto the platform and the gravity-sensing technology will begin blowing air automatically. It can also be operated with a remote control.

The body dryer will support up to 350 pounds, so it will work for just about anybody. It even works for your dog after a walk in the rain, a bath, or getting surprised by an automatic sprinkler.

The platform is an 18-inch square, so there is enough room to stand comfortably on it. And, at just a little more than 7 pounds, it can easily be moved from the bathroom to the patio, and wherever else you might need it.

The exterior is made from a durable plastic, and the gray color will blend into your room without looking out of place.

The Viatek Body Dryer normally runs $299, but for a limited time it can be yours for just $249.99, a savings of 16 percent. It’s truly a solution to a problem you didn’t know you were looking to solve.

Prices subject to change.