This smart lock gives you five different ways to unlock your home

It’s currently 50 percent off.

Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your loved ones. But safety doesn’t have to mean an old lock and one rusty key. Safety can work on your terms, whether you’re at home, at your front door or in another state on vacation. Take advantage of a 50 percent off sale on the Veti Biometric Smartlock + WiFi Gateway, which is currently just $149.99. This smartlock, which has a sleek design, provides security to your household and can be opened via:

  • Fingerprint unlock
  • Safe passcode
  • Bluetooth
  • Key lock
  • Companion App

This system also comes with a WiFi Gateway for Internet control remotely, including notifications in real-time when somebody opens the door. But the lock works offline, too: No internet connection is necessary for the lock to be accessed.

While this lock can be highly personalized, you can share access. Share e-codes to the lock and control how long you’d like them to be valid for. Keep track of the time log with information on family members or other members of the household who use the lock—at what time they use it and how they do it.

This system is normally $300, so take advantage of this sale to capture peace of mind and security flexibility for you and your family.