This odor eliminator uses NASA-inspired technology

Science, baby.

No one likes stinky smells. You can’t blame your cat for doing its thing, but you can blame yourself for doing nothing about it. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on bogus air fresheners or essential oils anymore. Nope, science is here to rescue you.

The VentiFresh ECO Plus: Next Generation Odor Eliminator relies on photocatalyst technology to purify your air. This material uses a process similar to photosynthesis to remove bad smells and convert them into clean air through UV lights. It’s a method that was inspired by technology NASA uses on its International Space Station.

Now, you can make it yours for only $58.99.

The device doesn’t work to mask bad smells. Instead, it removes them altogether. Perhaps you want to place it near your cat’s litter box. Or maybe you want to leave it in the bathroom just in case. Some of you may decide somewhere near your laundry bin is best for the VentiFresh ECO Plus: Next Generation Odor Eliminator. Either way, it’ll be useful anywhere.

It’s small and compact design makes it easily adaptable to any space. You can keep it plugged in, or you can unplug it to make it portable. You just have to be sure it’s charged. The device has several modes, including standby, quiet, and turbo mode. That way, you can have it work quietly throughout the day—or work hard for a short period you’ve got a bad odor you need gone ASAP.

The VentiFresh ECO Plus: Next Generation Odor Eliminator doesn’t rely on any chemicals, so it’s perfect for those with sensitivities to fragrances. You don’t have to sacrifice a clean and fresh home for your friends or family who find themselves sneezing whenever they’re near your air fresheners.

Sure, $58.99 might sound like a lot, but answer this: How much is your dignity worth?

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