Bring the research into your home with this digital microscope

Discover more with 200x magnification, connected through USB.

Microscopes are magical. They give us entirely new understandings of the world around us. Microscopes have allowed us to study interstellar dust, corals, and more. They’ve even allowed us to see digital versions of historical pieces of art up close and personal.

Still, the technology keeps advancing. The Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand is a prime example. The microscope comes from Veho, a UK-based electronics manufacturer that has built speakers, power banks, and smart lighting. The popular Kasa Bluetooth Smart Light comes from Veho’s innovation, as do the Pebble portable power banks. Now, they’ve created this wonderful microscope.

It usually costs around $179, but you can get it for 20 percent off with coupon code TAKE20 at checkout. For $144, you’ll get the Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope, a cradle stand, the software CD, a calibration ruler, a cleaning cloth, and the user guide. What makes this device so impressive is its magnification. It can zoom 200x into whatever you place underneath it. It takes photos and shoots videos in 1920×1080 resolution. The adjustable cradle arm also allows you to convert the gadget into a handheld microscope.

You can plug this device right into your computer and share your findings with colleagues. The high-quality video is a major perk – so is the magnification. You can easily adjust the magnification levels on the microscope, too. This could be a great gift for a young budding scientist — or for your friend who actually works in a real-time lab. In fact, Veho markets the product as something you can use to inspect and analyze tiny computer materials, or even the details on a collector’s coin. Either way, there’s probably someone in your life who’d appreciate bringing this magic into their home.

Get the Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand for $144 with coupon code TAKE20.

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