Turn your love of gaming into your new job with the help of this bundle

If video games are your passion, then this course is for you.

Mom never was a big fan of you spending hours playing video games. What a waste of time! Of course you could have explained the benefits to her, including developing your social skills, relieving anxiety, improving your motor and problem-solving skills, and enhancing your memory, but really, you were just having too much fun. You may also have mentioned that the demand for employees in the gaming field has almost doubled since 2010, and that salaries can reach the six figures, but you were too busy trying to win the game. Now, here is your opportunity to reach the next level and step into the land of 3D environment models, coding, video game art, and more with this Unity Game Developer Certification Bundle.

This course features just what you need to get you started on the road to developing your own video games. With an above-average 4.7 rating, and top-notch instruction, including modules from John Bura, CEO and Lead Developer at Mammoth Interactive, it includes 17 different courses with a total of 937 lessons. You’ll learn how to use game development tools like Unity and Blender, how to develop games without coding, how to design a variety of games using a range of methods, how to create shaders and 2D clickers, how to use a selection of programs and apps to complete a finished product, and so much more. Whether you’re a beginner or are looking to upgrade your current capabilities, this bundle will help hone the skills you need to become part of this ever-growing and exciting industry.

Valued at $3,400, this 2021 Premium Unity Game Developer Certification Bundle is on sale for $44.99, a discount of 98 percent. You’ll receive lifetime access, allowing you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. There’s no time like now to put your love of play into a job where playing is the name of the game.

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