Bring the farm to your table with this delivery service for ethically sourced meat

Eliminate the middle-man and get chemical-free meat in 72 hours.

Nothing tastes quite like real food from real farms. No middle-men; no extra layers of processing or time wasted in delivering from the fields to the kitchen. That, and an ethical food source, is exactly what you’ll get with these premium farm-to-table meat boxes.

This box includes the angus collection of beef, with two New York strip steaks, two tenderloin tails, and four pounds of angus and Wagyu ground beef. It comes packed in dry ice and insulated, ready for you to choose which one you’re going to prepare first.

This is beef that comes directly from the farm to your front door. United Harvest has partnered with small farms that use ethical and regenerative methods to pasture-raise their animals. There are absolutely no GMOs, hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics involved in the process.

The meat is packed at the source, flash frozen to guarantee freshness, and delivered to your home within 72 hours. And when it arrives, you’ll have some of the tastiest meat you’ve ever had while helping support small family farms in the process.

Not until you’ve tasted this farm-to-plate beef will you understand how much is lost in the transition from farm to factory, to package to store, to your home. A little bit of flavor is lost with each step, and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

This premium farm-to-table meat package normally runs $159 for the steaks and ground beef, but for a limited time, it can be yours for just $149, a $10 savings. Your wallet, and your taste buds, will be glad you made the move to fresh food.

Prices subject to change