Master the ocean: Swim, snorkel and dive with ease with these three underwater scooters

Change your ocean adventures and backyard pool ventures with these three underwater scooters, all currently on sale.

Staring while underwater into the wide-open expanse of the open ocean, a serene high country lake or even the deep end of your neighbor’s pool is entrancing.

Usually, though, your explorations are limited to how good of a swimmer you are, or how good your discount flippers are.

Thanks to a revolutionary device, the underwater scooter, you can now swim, snorkel and dive with ease and move through the water effortlessly behind advanced motors and modern technology.

Three of these portable sea scooters are currently on-sale:

Trident: Underwater Scooter (White)

Travel almost anywhere with this scooter, which is designed with aviation rules in mind so it can make it through airport security and be carried on planes. Hello, tropical islands! This scooter is deceptively fast, with the potential to go up to 5.9 feet-per-second. It comes equipped with a GoPro and lights, 45 minutes of run time and a child safety lock and protective netting. For $549 (21% off its usual price), you can have epic adventures underwater and capture all of it.

Geneinno S2 Portable Sea Scooters

You can cruise through the ocean up to 100 feet deep with this scooter, which also features a GoPro mount and 60 minutes of run time at a max speed of 2.7 miles per hour. Monitor the scooter through an app on your phone, including speed, light, distance, depth and battery, and you can share the information after your underwater trip. It’s on sale at 9% off for $359.95.

Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter (Aqua Blue)

The dual propellors on this scooter make for an exhilarating experience, and at a major discount: $200 off at $499 (a 28% discount). Travel at up to 3.35 mph and plunge down to 131 feet, capturing your experience with a built-in camera mount. A floater is included to increase your buoyancy and make your treks even smoother.

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