Learn how to be the best project manager you can be

Ever heard of Scrum?

Everyone’s got their preferred method to stay organized. Some people swear by Microsoft Office. Others are into, well, less mainstream methods. Meet Scrum.

Scrum is a framework used to organize teams of 10 people or fewer. Scrum is about making goal-oriented moves in the hopes of accomplishing those goals as quickly as possible. It can be used in business dealings, as well as in project management. It’s supposed to simplify big, daunting projects into a bunch of smaller, bite-sized goals that can help you meet your goals in as little as two weeks.

For those interesting in mastering this method, The Ultimate Scrum Foundation Certification Prep Bundle is 96 percent off for only $29.99. This bundle offers five courses with 184 lessons to help you become a master at Scrum and, ultimately, pass the formal certification for the framework. 

Each course has got its own takeaway here. For those who want to figure out how to properly present and describe their products to users, “User Stories for Agile Scrum + Product Owner + Business Analysis: Discover the Benefits of Writing & Analyzing Use Stories” may be incredibly useful. This course doesn’t quite dive into the specifics of Scrum. It’s setting up some basic foundations so you know the common terminology in this space and can understand more clearly your project or product. 

The rest of the courses really dive into all things Scrum, though. After all, The Ultimate Scrum Foundation Certification Prep Bundle is meant to give you all the tools you need to secure that certification. That’s why it’s normally $995. The courses offer Scrum fundamentals, but they also reach more advanced levels to instill every Scrum rule to make sure you can share your knowledge throughout your teams. The bundle even offers lessons on other methodologies, such as Kandan.

Make The Ultimate Scrum Foundation Certification Prep Bundle yours today and become the most organized and goal-oriented person at your workplace. The days of missing deadlines will be behind you—for a mere $29.99.

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