Take the stress out of tax time with this bundle of tax knowledge

From the Earned Income Tax Credit to selling your home, this bundle has everything you need to know for 97 percent off.

When the first tax-prep software arrived, people hailed it the way we welcome major scientific advances. Yet, there’s only so much software can do, and even if your taxes are simple, you should understand why you’re getting a return (or paying more than you thought). The Ultimate Guide to Taxes Bundle is everything you need to know about common tax issues, and it’s a sound financial decision at just $29, 97 percent off the MSRP.

The six courses in this bundle each focus on different common topics that can frustrate even people who love forms. They explore:

  • The “home use” deduction for that home office you’ve set up.
  • Tax deductions and credits related to family and dependent care
  • Tax credits for certain types of educations
  • The impact of selling your home on your taxes
  • Schedule C and small business taxes
  • Individual retirement accounts

Each course digs into the nitty-gritty of the topic, broken down into a series of useful lessons that explore the rules, point by point. It’s perfect for those who still have to use Google to remember what an “adjusted gross income” is in the first place, let alone what you can deduct from it.

The lessons are designed and taught by Robert Steele, a certified public accountant with more than a decade of experience, who’s written five books on accounting and taxes, and is an experienced teacher in business topics as well. Even if you’re only interested in one course at the moment, Steele will explain how these credits and deductions work, and give you more insight into how taxes function in general, equipping you to better understand how taxes work not just this year, but every year.

If you’re sick of getting frustrated every tax season, some knowledge will help. And at 97 percent off, the Ultimate Guide to Taxes is a smart fiscal decision, as well.

Prices subject to change.