Get hands-on training with this 5-course electrical engineering bundle

Get this comprehensive bundle for just $25

We all rely on countless electrical devices in our daily lives. But how many of us understand how this hardware actually works? If you want to gain some insight, the Ultimate Electrical Engineering Master Class Bundle is a great starting point. This five-course bundle teaches you how to handle wires safely, work with circuits, complete repairs, and even install solar panels. You can get the bundle for just $25 at the PopSci shop.

Open up any modern appliance, and you will encounter a mass of wires and circuit boards. To the untrained eye, these components might look intimidatingly complex. But with the right training, anyone can learn to make repairs or create something new with electrical hardware.

This bundle helps you get started with 43 hours of hands-on training. Through video tutorials, you learn the fundamentals of electrical engineering, from earthing and ring mains to transformers and DC circuits. In addition, you discover how to design lighting set-ups, create your own substation, and install a variety of PV panels.

Normally worth $1,000, you can get hands-on training with top-rated instructors for just $25.

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