This three-sided toothbrush will help maintain your perfect white smile

The dentist-designed Triple Bristle GO is now $20.

You might think that a perfect white smile indicates good dental hygiene — but the front of your teeth is only part of the story. The dentist-approved Triple Bristle GO Battery Powered Sonic Toothbrush has been designed to clean all the surfaces of your teeth, including the area near your gum line that is often missed. You can get the brush now for $20 when you apply the 20% discount code GREENMONDAY20 at the PopSci Shop.

It might seem a bit odd to compare a toothbrush to a car wash. But just as the rotating brushes clean your vehicle, the Triple Bristle GO surrounds every tooth with bristles. The three brush heads automatically adjust to the shape of your teeth, and the angled bristles reach the areas that other brushes miss.

In particular, the Triple Bristle GO targets your gum line, where most periodontal disease starts. Sonic motors create microbubbles to clean between your teeth, and there are three modes to choose from.

It takes around two minutes to brush each quadrant of your mouth, and a built-in timer tells you when to change. Triple Bristle GO also works well with braces, implants, veneers, and crowns.

Normally $29.99, this innovative toothbrush is now just $20 when you use code GREENMONDAY20.

Prices subject to change