Excel is a staple in the workplace—here’s how to master the software

Six courses for just $33.99.

As the use of data continues to grow in every industry, Microsoft Excel skills are becoming ever more valuable. From sports journalism to marketing analysis, thousands of jobs involve crunching numbers. If you want to improve your résumé and impress recruiters, The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is a great place to start. The bundle includes six courses, covering a range of key Excel techniques. You can pick up the training now for $33.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Around 4 million jobs posted each year require key digital skills, such as the ability to create spreadsheets. If you want to unlock your dream job, knowing your way around Excel is a must.

This bundle helps you master the software from scratch, with 33 hours of in-depth video tutorials. The training starts from scratch, and you learn about a range of topics.

Along the way, you get started with functions and formulas, charts and graphs, pivot tables, and more. You also discover how to automate tasks using macros and VBA, and perform advanced financial analysis.

The training comes from top instructor Chris Dutton. Known as the “Excel Maven”, he has 4.6 stars to his name on Udemy from over 64,000 reviews.

Worth $945, the training is now only $33.99 with lifetime access included.

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