This padlock uses biometrics to keep your valuables safe

A quick fingerprint is all you need to unlock this strong and powerful padlock.

There are plenty of perks that come with using biometrics, from increasing the accuracy of individual identification to giving people a more user-friendly way of interacting with the world around them. In other words, biometrics, like fingerprint authentication, makes it possible to enjoy both a higher level of security and convenience. As such, it’s an intelligent upgrade for any piece of equipment, especially for those items that guard our most precious valuables on a daily basis.

The Tokk™ Fingerprint Waterproof Lock PL3 is a smart padlock that comes with fingerprint access, a weatherproof design, and up to one year of standby time. Get it on sale today for $64.99, which is 18 percent off its regular cost of $79.

This smart padlock is excellent for any storage purpose, whether it’s a storage unit, a front or side gate, or anything in between. For starters, you no longer need to hassle with keys or remember combinations when using the Tokk™ Fingerprint Padlock. Instead, it uses a biometric authentication technology to provide you with rapid access to your most precious valuables with just a quick fingerprint. Within 0.5 seconds of placing your finger on the authenticator, the lock will unlock itself so that you can instantly access whatever is on the other side.

Just as valuable, the smart padlock also lets you program up to 10 fingerprints with the authenticator at any given time. That means your family, business partners, or employees can access whatever is behind the padlock while ensuring no one else can get through.

Alongside top-notch security and convenience, this smart padlock also stands up to the weather and time. The lock is IP65 waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof. In other words, it’s resilient enough that you can use it anywhere outdoors or indoors. What’s more, it gives you up to one year of standby or 2,500 unlocks on a single charge. Meaning, you can rest easy knowing that your most precious valuables are intelligently protected for up to a year at a time before you need to recharge it and put it back in its place.

The Tokk™ Fingerprint Waterproof Lock PL3 delivers enhanced security and convenience, allowing you to protect your valuables with greater confidence and ease than before. Pick it up on sale today for $64.99.

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