Learn how stock traders think with 97 percent off this eight-course bundle

Whether you’re looking to become an investor, or just want to understand how traders think, this bundle will show you how.

Investing is a complicated topic, especially since nobody is as smart about money as they think they are. Yet, as the stock market gets wilder, whether you’re thinking about investing in the market yourself, or just want to understand the headlines, it’s good to know how traders think. The Secret to Stock Trading & Profits Bundle, which is $29.99, 97 percent off the MSRP, is a good investment no matter where you put your money.

The eight courses in this bundle walk you through analyzing and investing the market.

  • Stock Trading Simplified: The Complete Guide for Beginners lays out the basics of investing in stocks in an hour, and the Advanced Trading Masterclass discusses theories on handling more volatile markets.
  • Candlestick Trading Masterclass explains how candlestick charts (the ones with the red and green bars) work, how to read them, and how traders use them to attempt to determine market direction.
  • Technical Analysis 101: Stock Market Patterns for Day Trading & Investing explores how investors study markets, whether they’re day traders or in it for the long-haul, and implement their analysis.
  • Day Trading 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Stocks and Day Trading Secrets: Learn to Day Trade with Tape Reading look at day trading, where buyers try to ride the moment-to-moment changes in the stock market to make a profit.
  • And, Fibonacci 101: Simplified Guide to Stock Trading with Fibonacci explains the theory behind Fibonacci retracements, another way of looking at the market’s history and finding patterns to consider as you trade.

Even if you’re the kind of investor who puts their money in a 401(k), it’s worth knowing who’s driving short-term swings in the market and why. For $29.99, at 97 percent off, it’s a better way to develop your knowledge about markets, and how they work.

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