Master your thinking skills with this revolutionary learning bundle

Create cognitive improvement with four key courses.

Intelligence and cognitive ability are often considered “have” and “have not” capabilities. But learning how to unlock your mental potential is most certainly something that can be learned.

Boost your brainpower with The Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle Ft. Timothy Kenny, currently just $21.99.

The bundle features four courses, including 14 hours worth of pivotal content and more than 100 lessons overall. You’ll dive into problem solving, critical thinking, metacognition and much more. This isn’t just a fine-tuning for your mental capability–it’s a chance to unleash your brain’s potential and supercharge your personal life and career path.

Your mental strategies for business will blossom.

Four courses comprise this bundle, including lessons on the fundamental skills of thinking, creative thinking, mini languages and mental math.

The opening course focuses on the 12 fundamental skills of thinking, including problem-solving on multiple levels in depth, including using metacognition to manage and control your thinking in order to help motivate yourself and take action toward the things that matter most to you. With these skills, you’ll be able to construct a mental toolbox to help you handle difficult situations and tasks.

You’ll also master class creative thinking, drawing on legends such as Leonardo da Vinci. Many geniuses don’t have exceptional IQs, but obtain specific mental strategies and change entire worldwide industries with their innovation. Build a creative “interstate system” to unlock new passageways in your brain.

“Mind-opening, useful and relevant,” reviewer Chen Zhixuan wrote.

Next up, take a deep dive into 15 mini languages of thinking, including body language, code programming, cryptographic and sign languages. Tap into all of the non-foreign languages that exist and are useful to you, and choose at least one to embark on mastering.

“I’d recommend it if you are interested in a different way to look (at) day-to-day interactions and their meaning,” course reviewer Roberto Fray da Silva wrote, “or if you are interested in getting the basics of one of the languages that are taught in the course.”

Finally, the course on mental math strategies will bolster your business, negotiation and everyday life skills. Mental math guides you to discover helpful hints and simple hacks to give you confidence in dealing with numbers.

Remember, this is all just $21.99 today. Unlock your mental potential.

Prices subject to change.

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