This bundle features parallels and 10 more award-winning Mac apps on sale

Get the best of both worlds by using these game-changing apps on your Mac.

You’re either a Mac person or a Windows person, there’s no in-between, right? Whether you want to admit it or not, each of the widely-used systems boasts their own set of beneficial apps, leaving many computer users dreaming of software that will let them enjoy both. Thanks to this The Limited Edition Mac Bundle, Mac users can proudly use Microsoft’s award-winning Windows apps right on their Mac—and without so much as restarting. Yes, we’re talking about Parallels Desktop, and that’s just one of the 11 apps included in this bundle.

For the incredibly low price of just $59.99, you can have access to 11 award-winning apps based in photography, data storage, website development, and more. You’ll of course have access to the highly-regarded Parallels Desktop, a program that allows you to run thousands of Windows apps without compromising the way your Mac runs. From Microsoft Explorer to Microsoft Office—and even graphic-heavy games — Parallels lets you get the absolute most out of your Mac. It’s no wonder Parallels Desktop is trusted by over 7 million users and continues to be a top-grossing app in the Apple Mac Store.

The Limited Edition Mac Bundle
The Limited Edition Mac Bundle Stack Commerce

“Apple Metal & DirectX 11 support make Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac an absolute must for Windows gamers and those who rely on graphics-intensive software….” – Macworld

But Parallels Desktop is just the tip of this jam-packed, app bundle iceberg. The Limited Edition Mac Bundle also gives you access to the following highly-coveted apps: Aurora HDR, NetSpot Pro, Desk Drill PRO, WindScribe VPN Pro, RapidWeaver 8, TextExpander, DeltaWalker Pro, XMind 8 Pro, and PDF Expert. This extensive list consists of award-winning apps that you can use every day in a wide range of different realms, from cybersecurity and productivity to data consolidation and visualization templates, all from your handy-dandy Mac.

This once-in-a-lifetime Limited Edition Mac Bundle gives you all these fantastic apps, including Parallels Desktop, for the very low price of just $59.99, that’s 94 percent off its regular price—and less than one year’s use of Parallels.

Prices subject to change.

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