If grilling is your thing—and let’s face it, who doesn’t like something cooked on a grill—then this is the ultimate must-have for your cooking repertoire. The GrillGun will take care of lighting your grill, searing your food and so much more.

The GrillGun is a 400,000-plus BTU propane torch that is the perfect way to light charcoal, smokers and wood grills. It also works perfectly to warm up the grill and burn off any residual grease or grime left on the grill from your last grilling experience.

And thanks to the long 21-inch barrel and 2-foot flame, the GrillGun is the perfect tool to sear your meat or flame your creme brulee or charcoal.

The GrillGun comes with a bottle stand that allows you to keep it attached to a propane bottle. It keeps the gun upright for easy access when you’re ready to start and for safety when it is cooling down after use. And cooling down is important since the flame can reach up to 3,600 degrees.

This is a product that will last you a lifetime of grilling, with up to 18,000 ignitions expected over the course of its life.

Buyers should note that propane is not included with the purchase, and buyers must be at least 18 years old.

Normally, this GrillGun would run $165, but it can be yours for a limited time for just $149.99, a 9 percent discount. You can also buy the GrillGun set, which includes an 8-foot adapter hose to connect it to a 20-pound propane tank. The set normally runs $180, but is available for just $159.99, an 11 percent discount.

Prices subject to change