Unleash your creative potential with software, assets, and training for $25

Save over $150 on this digital art starter pack.

From manga to digital watercolor, you can create virtually anything with graphics software and a tablet. The pros are happy to spend thousands on these tools. But what about the rest of us? The Creativity Bundle offers an affordable entry point for hobbyists. The bundle combines Clip Studio DEBUT software with hundreds of assets and two hours of video training. You can get the whole lot now for only $25 at the PopSci Shop.

With numerous brushes, 50 decoration tools, and a selection of color sets, Clip Studio DEBUT helps you get creative in your spare time. The app offers a realistic drawing experience and many of the tools found in professional software.

To help you get the most out of Clip Studio, this bundle provides three asset packs. You get 200 speech bubbles for comics, 100 poses for 3D figure drawing, and 400 assets for storyboarding.

The bundle also includes access to an exclusive two-hour webinar with renowned artist, Sarajean Chung (aka TheOneWithBear). Scheduled for March, the tutorial will highlight the major features of Clip Studio and be followed with a Q&A session.

Order now for just $25 to grab the Creativity Bundle, worth $179.95.

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