Learn how to analyze data with this hands-on course

Data nerds, unite!

Everyone knows about Microsoft, but not everyone knows what its programs are fully capable of. Data analysis isn’t exactly easy, but with a few lessons, you can easily become a data nerd.

The Complete Big Data & Power BI Bundle offers 30 hours of hands-on instruction to teach you the ways of different Microsoft programs so that you finally have what it takes to break down giant data sets and translate them into something useful. Even common programs such as Excel have some cool features that aren’t so obvious to the untrained eye. However, this course bundle has got you covered. It’s 91% off for only $39.99.

The bundle goes step by step into the inner workings of programs such as Power BI, Power Query, Excel, and Access. The Power BI course is a beginner level. I mean, Power BI is not exactly a household name program. The course will show you how to import data from Excel and even create visualizations to better communicate the data.

However, even common programs such as Excel got some hidden tricks. That’s where the Power Pivot, Power Query & DAX in Excel course comes in handy. The course will teach you a bunch of functions that’ll make manipulating, analyzing, and evaluating millions of rows of data sets simpler. The Advanced Excel 2019 course can help build your financial reporting capabilities by teaching functions to calculate interest and depreciation

Data nerds—or wannabe data nerds—will have a lot to take away from The Complete Big Data & Power BI Bundle. Data analysis can be a lot easier with the right toolset or programs. The bundle is usually $475, but its 91 percent discount has reduced the price to $39.99. As for the skills you’ll obtain after going through these courses? Well, those are priceless.

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