Optimize your work flow over the holidays with this $34 manager course

This project manager course will streamline your work flow for only $34.

While the holiday season brings good tidings for all, it can also bring anxiety for hard-working project managers, especially in the midst of a new work-from-home holiday season.

As employees plan for holiday festivities and ask for time off, it can alarm project managers who want to stay the course and finish the year strong. The solution here is simple: all it takes to get through the holiday work season is a solid plan, like the one that can be made with The 2021 Project & Product Manager Essentials Bundle. This $39.99 bundle is already a steal, but it’s now available at an even lower Black Friday price for only $33.99 with coupon SAVE15NOV.

This exclusive bundle features nine courses that will help project managers optimize their productivity and push their team towards success using Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Trello and JIRA. The Project Management Foundation Course teaches all of the essential skills to be a successful project manager, such as utliizing Agile, learning the most common cost strategies, and acquiring tips for scheduling new projects.

The Managing Project Risk course is relevant in every project framework because every project runs some risk of failure—but this risk can certainly be reduced. By using the “identify, anticipate and mitigate” approach, project managers can avoid common pitfalls in project planning, allowing new project managers to learn from this course rather than their own mistakes.

Whether it’s learning about a new project framework like Trello or building the foundations of proper project management, The 2021 Project & Product Manager Essentials Bundle is a key tool in becoming the best project manager possible, even during the holidays. At an additional 15 percent off with coupon SAVE15NOV, this $33.99 course bundle will let you breeze through your holiday schedule without breaking the bank.

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