This bundle of online classes teaches you how to build websites

Learn how to develop and design websites today for only $40.

Although there are many differences between a web developer and a web designer, these two roles work hand-in-hand when creating a website. Put simply, web designers craft the look and user experience (UX) of a website (and still need to know some basic programming). On the other hand, web developers bring a web designer’s work to life by programming lines of code on the front-end and back-end of websites.

Depending on your personality and interests, one job might sound more appealing than the other, or you may want to try your hand at both. Either way, that’s where this bundle of online classes enters the picture.

The 2020 Ultimate Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle helps you kickstart a career as a web developer and web designer with 69+ hours of instructional video content on JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, APIs, and more. Pick up the bundle on sale today for $39.99, which is more than 90% off its original price tag.

Upon purchase, you gain immediate access to 11 courses that make it easier to learn web development and web design. First off, these courses teach you primary programming languages for building websites from scratch. So, you’ll start your training by mastering three web design and development languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These languages are relatively easy to learn, allowing you to dip your toes in the water before diving head-first. They also work seamlessly together to form the foundation of most websites today. By learning these three languages, you’ll instantly become more valuable in the eyes of a potential employer or any client.

Once you have a firm grasp of those essential languages, the bundle progresses your training so that you have a well-rounded skill set for web-based projects. It walks you through how to work with more challenging programming languages, such as Python, so that you can create websites with one of the most versatile and in-demand languages of 2020. On top of that, the courses within this bundle educate you on essential concepts, like APIs and RESTful APIs, and commonplace developer tools like Git. Last but not least, each class within the bundle takes a hands-on approach to web development and design that makes learning these new skills productive and rewarding.

Overall, The 2020 Ultimate Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle helps you kickstart a career in web development and web design by teaching you basic to advanced programming languages and concepts for working on web-based projects. Get the bundle on sale today for only $39.99.

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