Be a master chef with this discounted carbon steel knife

This professional-grade knife will basically cut through anything and it’s on sale now.

Face down anything in the kitchen with a Thai Chefs Moon Knife. For use on meat, bones, and hard-skinned fruit like melon and coconut, this curved carbon steel blade continues two centuries of culinary excellence in this 14 percent-off, $59.99 knife.

This tried and true design descends directly from blacksmiths who made the swords for the Thai-Burma war. Their forging process eventually evolved into chefs’ knives, produced according to these traditional standards. The custom persists until today, with many family-run co-ops that forge, grind, stamp, and provide woodwork for these popular knives.

Customers note the shape and sharpness of the knife as benefits, including this 5 star-review: “Love the rocking motion of this knife. The packaging is solid and [the] knife [is] really sharp.” Discover this five-star functionality of this knife when you try it for yourself.

Not only is this knife functional, but it’s also the sort of beautiful kitchen gadget your guests will “ooh” and “ahh” over. Coming with a bamboo storage box, this 6″ wide blade strikes a dramatic curve along its honed carbon steel edge. The carved pradu wood handle is as comfortable as it is aesthetic, bringing a sense of class and professionalism to your cookware.

Ditch your department store knives for a serious kitchen accessory like the Thai Chefs Moon Knife. Or, pair it as a tangible gift to accompany a meal subscription plan. With its eye-catching look and versatile function, the receiver is sure to appreciate this gift.

Up your cooking game when you add the Thai Chefs Moon Knife to your knife block. What began as a tradition in sword-making and country markets has continued to bring you a quality knife for your modern kitchen. On sale now for 14 percent-off, this Verve Culture knife, originally $70, is available now for $59.99. Scoop up this carbon steel and pradu wood blade to make the most of poultry, pork, and melon dishes in your kitchen today.

Prices subject to change.