These $21 face masks are lined with copper fibers that are 99 percent anti-microbial

The Tekto Copper.Ion Mask features a PM 2.5 filter and copper fibers to keep you safe while looking stylish.

After months of wearing face masks in public, you’ve probably built a sizeable collection of masks. But while the average cloth mask is effective at shielding you from contamination, it could be much better. For example, what if your face mask was also antimicrobial and had air filtration? Not only would you feel safer, but you’d take your mask with you everywhere, even once the pandemic is over.

Face masks don’t have to be overly utilitarian either. In fact, they’re often used as a fashion statement abroad. If you’re looking for a mask that’s comfortable, safe, and easy to wash, look no further than the Copper.Ion by Tekto. These high-end, durable masks are ideal for daily use, and they’re currently on sale for just $20.99.

The Tekto Copper.Ion Mask doesn’t just keep contaminants out. It’s capable of killing 99.8 percent of bacteria thanks to copper that’s woven into the mask fibers. On top of that, it uses PM 2.5 filters with 5-layer technology consisting of an outer PP layer, an active carbon layer, two electro layers, and an inner PP layer. This filter is tested and approved at an FDA-certified facility and is suited for standards similar to N95 masks. Finally, the Tekto Copper.Ion features adjustable earloops for a comfortable, custom fit.

We’re mostly accustomed to using face masks by now, so there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of style to your new daily wear. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice safety for style. The Tekto Copper.Ion Mask is on sale for $20.99 for a single mask, $29.99 for packs of two, and $66.99 for packs of five.

Prices subject to change.

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