This smart pen funded on Kickstarter makes taking notes a breeze

Get the best of handwritten and digital notes for 24 percent off with the Sync Pen 2.

You most likely need to take notes throughout your week, whether you regularly meet with clients, work collaboratively on a team, or are a student taking classes. And while it may make sense to take notes on your computer or laptop because it’s convenient, there are plenty of benefits to taking notes by hand.

Handwriting notes does wonders, from increasing your ability to focus and improving your memory to expanding your attention span. However, sifting through a notebook of handwritten notes can be time-consuming and there’s definitely something to be said for the ability to edit notes digitally. So, what if there was a way of getting the best of both worlds? Well, that’s where this next generation note-taking device enters the picture.

The SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen with Notebook makes note-taking easy by turning everything you write into digital text. Normally $199, you can pick it up on sale today from the PopSci Shop for $149.99 (24 percent off).

Taking notes the smart way has never been easier thanks to the SyncPen 2. First off, this intelligent device, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, saves you a ton of time by converting everything you write into digital text. Using a motion-tracking sensor, the pen converts your hand-written notes and sketches into editable digital files, including Word documents, PDFs, and JPGs. Meaning, whether you’re jotting down important information during a business meeting, capturing the notes you need to know for an upcoming exam, or just sketching during your free time, you always create an editable, digital version of your notes or doodles at the same time. So, you never have to waste your precious hours transcribing them or uploading them to your computer or laptop.

Alongside saving you time, the SyncPen 2 also helps you stay organized and efficient. For instance, the app associated with SyncPen 2 allows you to sort your notes by word or date. That means you never have to waste time or energy looking for the exact information you need. Even cooler, the smart device synchronously records audio when note-taking. In other words, you can easily revisit a crucial piece of information from a meeting or lecture and compare the audio file to your notes to ensure you have the correct details. On top of all that goodness, you can take notes in different colors to improve your cognitive recall, as well as do everything from email your notes and collaborate directly with others.

All in all, The SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen with Notebook makes note-taking easy and more effective. Grab it on sale today for $149.99.

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