Boost your mind, body, and soul with this bundle of apps

Get lifetime subscriptions to programs that will get your brain and body in shape.

It’s the beginning of a new year, so it’s a great time to invigorate your mind, body, and career with The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle, that will help you become the best version of yourself.

Each of the five apps focus on a different aspect of you, whether it’s expanding your mind, reshaping your body, or gaining the skills to forge a new career.

Learn a new language with uTalk, an app that will have you speaking practical words and phrases almost immediately. You can use any device to tap into the program, which features native speakers to help you listen to the proper way a language is actually spoken. Your lifetime subscription gets you access to any two languages.

Boost your focus with mindfulness exercises available on MindFi. You can reduce stress, boost your mood, and work on breathing exercises to calm your mind. Four types of exercises are recommended to you throughout the day, and special courses help you relax at bedtime and motivate you in the morning.

Take care of your body with Fitterclub, an app that makes you feel like you’ve hired a personal trainer. You’ll get personalized workouts based on your goals, and a meal and nutrition plan to follow as well. Whether you’re looking to reshape your body or simply drop a couple of pounds, the app will guide you to your goal.

Pick up the pace with 7 Speed Reading, a program to teach you how to get through books and material faster while also retaining more of what you read. You could be reading up to 3.5 times faster after using the techniques taught by the experts involved with this app.

Finally, you can become the ultimate job candidate with Integrity Training, an app that delivers more than 600 courses on PMI, ITIL, Microsoft programs, CompTIA, and more. Whether it’s web development or project management, these lessons will put you on the road to a career boost.

If purchased separately, this bundle of apps is valued at $2,957, but for a limited time you can have them all for just $79, a savings of 97 percent.

Prices subject to change.