Amplify your Wi-Fi signal with this gadget that works in conjunction with your router

Say farewell to slow Internet with this device with a 10-mile range.

There’s nothing more annoying than having slow Wi-Fi connectivity or a dead zone in a specific section of the house. Boost your Wi-Fi signal to previously unreachable places with this Super Boost Wi-Fi Repeater, which will allow you to have fast Internet anywhere in your home and beyond.

This device features 2.4GHz bandwidth and 10-mile coverage to boost coverage in your WLAN network with a transmission rate of up to 300Mbps. Wherever it is placed, a stronger signal will be created, making your life easier.

And, this repeater has a 10-mile coverage area, guaranteeing you to have a better connection, thanks to the standard Wi-Fi technology. It’s perfect both for areas of your home that are hard to reach with a signal, and other areas that are difficult to wire.

In addition, this device has an AP mode, which will turn your wired Internet connection into a wireless access point. It also offers one-touch wireless security with its WPS button, and features a standard plug for both portability and mobility.

The manufacturer warns potential buyers, however, that the success of this device depends on the strength of the originating signal and the placement of the device.

This Super Boost Wi-Fi Repeater is available in two different colors. You can get it in black, or if you prefer, it is available in white. Either way, you’re getting quite a deal. Normally priced at $69, the device in either color can be yours for just $26.99, a 61 percent discount. And, for a limited time, you can get another 15 percent off for President’s Day by using coupon code PREZ2021 at checkout, bringing the price down to $22.94.

Prices subject to change