This self-cleaning glove will keep your hands germ-free

The days of disposable gloves are over.

These days especially, plastic disposable gloves have become a regular part of life. Many people gear up when they leave their house—whether it’s to the grocery store or on their way to work on the bus. Let’s face it: A face mask isn’t enough. Protecting yourself from the novel coronavirus could be the difference between life and death.

However, all those plastic gloves are polluting the environment. Plastic is bad, bad news. Volunteers clean up millions of plastic items every year on International Coastal Cleanup Day. Protection is important, but there’s a way to stay germ-free without sacrificing our oceans, marine life, and planet. (Plastics come from fossil fuels, remember?)

The STOGO All-Day Antimicrobial Gloves are the first self-cleaning glove on the market. The gloves are made using ViralOff® Polygiene Technology, which was made as a direct response to the pandemic. It’s supposed to reduce more than 99% of viruses in two hours and has been on the market since April. Now, these gloves were made using this tech—and can be yours for only $17.99.

The developers claim the gloves have been shown to protect against influenza, bird flu, and other coronaviruses. The gloves are made using recycled silver, polyester, and paper. So it’s not 100 percent great for the planet, but reusing one bad thing is better than throwing out multiple bad things over time. What’s more, the gloves work on touchscreens. You don’t have to worry about taking them off every time you reach to grab your dirty phone. They may even help prevent your phone from getting covered in germs.

Don’t get lazy, though, because you’re protecting your hands. Washing your hands is key. No gloves can replace that necessary habit. However, quit wasting your money on one-time-use plastic gloves. The STOGO All-Day Antimicrobial Gloves, at only $17.99, will offer incredible savings.

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