Five ways to stay healthy while you’re stuck at home

From virtual yoga classes to sleep aids, these deals should help.

While couch potatoes are thriving, anyone who usually spends time working out or playing sports has a problem right now. Staying fit and strong is not easy in a tight space, and the lack of social contact can have a negative impact on your mental health.

Thankfully, there are ways to overcome these issues. Here are five tactics for keeping your body and mind in top shape while you’re stuck inside.

Download a fitness app to keep you on track
Download a fitness app to keep you on track Stack Commerce

When you can’t visit your favorite workout classes, apps can fill the gaps. One of the best is YogaDownload.

Rated at 4.7 stars on Android and 4.9 stars on iOS, this app lets you access over 1,500 virtual yoga and fitness classes from top instructors. New classes are added every week, from beginner to advanced. Normally $119.99, one year on the Unlimited plan is now just $29.

Choose healthier snacks!
Choose healthier snacks! Stack Commerce

Avoiding the fridge is almost impossible when you’re stuck at home, but not all snacks are bad. Lytepop Electrolyte Infused Popcorn will help you power through home workouts and stay productive in your home office.

This high-fiber, low-calorie snack is made from organic ingredients, and the high-quality corn offers superior taste and fluffiness. Worth $24.99, packs of 24 pouches are now only $17.95.

Calm your mind with meditation and mindfulness
Calm your mind with meditation and mindfulness Stack Commerce

If being stuck inside week after week is stressing you out, mindfulness and meditation could be a solution.

Available on iOS and Android, MindFi helps you reduce stress and improve your focus through guided exercises. This former Apple “App of the Day” even adapts to your body clock, with sessions to suit different moods. Worth $365, lifetime access is currently just $39.

Use bands instead of weights
Use bands instead of weights Stack Commerce

Not everyone has the budget or space to build a full home gym. However, there are ways to build muscle without weights.

The Pro-Workout Handle & Band Combo replaces bulky dumbbells with resistance bands. You can attach three bands to each of the supplied handles and perform standing military press, cable crossovers, curls, seated rows, tricep presses, and more. Usually priced at $49.99, the set is now $42.99.

Harness technology for a better sleep
Harness technology for a better sleep Stack Commerce

Many people are struggling to sleep during the current crisis, often because of anxiety. The resulting tiredness only adds to the problem.

Restly is an iPhone app that uses proven techniques from the US military to help you fall asleep within two minutes. Previously the 1# Product of the Day on Product Hunt, this app combines soothing sounds with relaxed voices to condition your brain for sleep. Lifetime access is worth $100, but you can get a subscription now for $39.99.

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