Reduce your heating costs with this cutting-edge electric heater from SOLUS+

Control all the functions without getting up thanks to an app on your phone.

Heat any room in your house more effectively and efficiently with SOLUS+, the radiator of the future. This cost-efficient electric infrared heater helps users save money and live more sustainably while staying toasty warm in their homes.

And thanks to the SOLUS app, you can have remote access, real-time cost monitoring, scheduling and zonal heating all from the keypad on your phone.

This device will heat up a 160 square foot room while using 30 percent less energy than a traditional heater. And with the smart scheduling capability, you can optimize your heating schedule and cut your power bill at the same time.

SOLUS+ is powered by a standard main socket, so an expensive installation isn’t necessary. In fact, its functions are updated through the phone app. You must have IOS 10.0 or later, or Android 5.0 or later to operate the system.

It features a modern, classy look and weighs just under 10 pounds. And at just 30 by 12.5 inches, it won’t take up much space in your room. The heater is available in either white or black.

This heater would normally run $410, but you can get SOLUS+ for a limited time for just $328, a 20 percent discount.

Prices subject to change