This luxury blow dryer styles your hair faster—and is on sale for $65 today

The Soleil Ultra 2000 makes a great gift.

High-end blow dryers are some of the hottest items of the year—and for good reason. They are great for getting perfectly styled hair without paying big at the salon, plus they don’t fry your hair like old school versions. Unfortunately, some of the name brand options out right now can cost you nearly $400. If you are looking for something similar, but don’t want to pay that sort of money, consider the Soleil Ultra 2000 Blow Dryer.

This powerful device packs 1400W under the hood to dry your hair faster than a traditional hair dryer, while locking in moisture to keep your hair silky smooth. Best of all, you can get the Ultra 2000 for just $65, marked down from $375, at the PopSci Shop

There are many advantages to using a high-end blow dryer, even apart from drying your hair amazingly fast. This one features two speeds and three heat settings, so you can always get the style you’re looking for. And if you have curly hair, you can use the attached diffuser to get a frizz-free, natural dry. It also includes two flat nozzles for a more concentrated drying effect.

To prevent heat damage, the Ultra 2000 has built-in overheating protection that locks in the the moisture as it works. Plus its so compact and lightweight, you won’t get weighed down halfway through drying.

Ready for an upgrade to your daily routine? Normally priced at $375, the Ultra 2000 is now only $65 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change