Solve your snoring problems with this innovative nighttime mask

The Smart Snore Eye Mask detects snoring and emits 36 levels of vibrations to make it stop.

Snoring can be an issue for getting a good night’s sleep for you and the people around you. You can achieve a more restful sleep for you and others with this VVFLY Smart Snore Eye Mask, which uses gentle vibrations to stop your snoring naturally, available now for 42 percent off its list price. 

Using advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technology, this mask can precisely identify snoring, and then get to work stopping it all while you and anyone near you sleeps comfortably. Once the snoring begins, the mask gives out very small sounds and vibrations to shut it down.

Available for a great deal, this mask works thanks to a Bluetooth connection and has a battery capacity of 80mAh. You simply put it on, turn it on and go to sleep. It automatically enters the preset working mode so it’s easy to use.

Using a mask has always been a great way to get a good night’s sleep. By comfortably covering your eyes, you block out any distracting light and can focus exclusively on rest. Now add in the knowledge you won’t be snoring, and you’re got a great night ahead.

Don’t think that the Bluetooth and vibrations will impact the comfort of the mask. This one is made from acrylic and ecological high-density sponge, which is extremely comfortable. And when you wake up, you can check your sleep and snoring data via an app.

This breakthrough mask has gotten rave reviews from numerous publications. Trend Hunter called it, “One of the more advanced options out there when it comes to eliminating the nighttime annoyance.”Gadgetfly loved its ease of use, while Gadgetsin praised its portable design as a travel gadget.

This Smart Snore Eye Mask normally runs $99, but for a limited time it can be yours for just $56.95. That’s a 42 percent savings and a low cost to pay for better sleep for you and your partner.

Prices subject to change