This smart anti-snoring device will help you and your partner sleep more soundly

Meet Smart Nora, the contact-free snoring solution.

Aside from being a huge annoyance to your bedmate, snoring actually disturbs your sleep. Many devices claim to cure the problem, but few actually target the cause of snoring: a slight restriction in your throat. Smart Nora is a device that gently stimulates your neck muscles in order to free your airways. It is an effective snoring solution, and you can get it now for $305.15 at the PopSci Shop when you use the 15% discount code MerrySave15.

In many cases, the snoring starts when the muscles in your neck relax. Instead of being supported, your airways collapse a little. This restriction is what causes the sound.

Smart Nora fixes the problem by gently stimulating your neck muscles into action. The device automatically senses snoring and slowly inflates a pad under your pillow. This slight movement is enough to trigger the muscles in your neck, restoring natural breathing.

Smart Nora is really easy to use: you simply slide the pad inside your pillowcase and tap the device at bedtime. It doesn’t affect your partner, and it works with any pillow.

Order by Christmas to get Smart Nora for $305.15 with code MerrySave15.

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