Sitting at a desk all day? Give your neck and shoulders some relief with this smart massager

.Three speeds, six modes, nine strengths allow you to remain in control.

Pain in your neck and shoulders can lead to pain throughout your entire body and other unpleasant complications. But you can give yourself much-needed relief with this smart neck massager.

This massager adapts to the ergonomic frame and will relieve pain in your neck and shoulders, help with muscle tension and knots, and bring you overall relaxation. All you have to do is sit back and let the massager do all the work.

It features three different speeds, allowing you to adjust the level based on the amount of pain. The heating function transfers heat to the muscles and ligaments, which boosts circulation to the impacted areas and soothes the pain.

In addition to the speeds, the massager features six different modes and nine intensity levels, allowing you to focus the attention where it needs to be. And with 3D intelligent fit technology, you can adjust the electrodes to match the curve of your neck or shoulders.

And the design allows you to use the massager on areas other than the neck. It can also lay on your back, wrap around your leg or waist, bringing relief to those areas as well.

How easy is the massager to use? Simply wrap it where you need it and push the on button for 3 seconds. Then sit back and relax. Need to adjust the mode? Push that same button for 1 second. Push it again the adjust the intensity.

The massager is made from durable plastic and silicone and comes with a USB cable for easy charging.

Normally priced at $59, you can get this smart neck massager now for just $25.95, a 56 percent savings. That’s a small price to pay for relief for your body.

Prices subject to change