Keep your hot drink hot with this smart cup warmer

No more letting your drink get cold as you go about your morning routine.

There’s nothing more frustrating in the morning than pouring a hot cup of coffee, sitting it down to accomplish a quick task, then going back and finding a lukewarm drink in your mug. You can solve that problem with this lightweight mug warmer that operates with smart technology to keep your drink just the way you want it.

The warmer uses a heating element to keep your beverage at the temperature you choose, anywhere between  104 and 140 degrees. When the gravity induction sensor technology senses your cup is empty, or the cup has been removed for one minute, it will automatically shut off.

This unit will work with glass, stainless steel or ceramic cups, and it will not short out should any of your drink spill on it.  It is not meant for plastic containers or thermal mugs.

It couldn’t be any easier to use; there’s just a single button to operate it. Touch it once to turn it on, and once a blinking light turns solid you know it has heated to between 122 and 140 degrees. Touch it again, and the light will change color, indicating the temperature has cooled between 104 and 122 degrees. Touch it a third time and the unit will turn off.

Don’t settle for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any drink that changes temperatures while you sip. Find a level you like and keep it that way for the entire cup.

The smart mug warmer normally costs  $59, but for a limited time, you can get a massive 61 percent price cut for just $22.99.

Prices subject to change